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Measuring Attention and Engagement of Interactive Mobile Ads


Adludio is an AI-driven technology company that delivers premium mobile advertising. Mobile ads have the ability to deliver richer experiences to audiences, but the majority of mobile advertising remains static.

Adludio’s Sensory Ads fuse audio, video, animation, and physical interactivity, prompting users to take action to engage in learning more.

Each ad has at least two parts: the set-up and the pay-off, which is a different experience from conventional linear digital ads. This active rather than passive viewing of ads is geared towards driving greater attention, memorability, and brand uplift.

As a market leader in mobile engagement for nearly a decade, Adludio involved Realeyes to evaluate how user engagement affects audience attention. In particular, Adludio wanted to measure the performance of these Sensory Ads and their ability to Capture attention to encourage user engagement and Retain attention once they’ve interacted with the ad.

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Key Takeaways

  • Adludio ads outperformed their product category benchmarks
  • Ads that performed strongly in Capture (ability to grab attention within first few seconds) were most likely to perform well in Retain (keeping attention)
  • Use of audio in the ads increased Capture by 22% and Retain by 38%
  • Static video garners distraction

“Realeyes have proven to be essential in validating viewer attention and engagement levels of our Sensory Ads”

Paul Coggins, Adludio CEO 


Adludio partnered with Realeyes to validate their hypothesis that viewer interactive engagement is the ultimate attention metric in digital advertising. Multiple ads were passed through Realeyes’ PreView ad-testing. Each mobile ad was exposed to an average of 155 viewers.

Given the native interactivity of Adludio ads, we focused specifically on the Capture (ability to capture audience attention within the first few seconds) and Retain (ability to retain the audience throughout the ad) scores.


Adludio Ad - WhatsApp

The WhatsApp ad, takes advantage of mimicking the mobile app, yielding a 10/10 Capture score – one of the highest Capture scores in the database, along with a 9/10 Retain score.

After the initial animation encouraging the viewer to ‘swipe up’, a video plays a short story that continues to punch above the category benchmark throughout.

Lego notably featured an additional interactive stage, which accumulated attention and viewer engagement as the experience continued through to the end.

Despite being a sequence of simple animations, the combination of instruction and interactivity encourages greater focus on the ad.

Pinterest had a similar set-up to WhatsApp, achieving benchmark against all ads within its category. Once the user interacts, attention rises exceeding benchmark through to the end.

The video also had a soundtrack, those ads that featured audio had a higher Capture (22% increase) and Retain (38% increase) than those that didn’t.

Orbit scored a 9/10 Capture score and the intrugue of the transition animation drove attention above benchmark. However, the ad suffered a poor Retain score due to the final frame being static for too long.


Adludio is using such PreView insights to win business from other major brands. In the longer term, Adludio has a vision to optimize creative in near real-time based upon Realeyes PreView data.  


Adludio used Realeyes PreView to measure the facial cues and eye movements of participants as they watch video from their mobile device. Each Sensory Ad received over 155 views among participants.  

Capture: Ability to capture audience attention in the first few seconds.

Retain: Ability to retain the audience throughout the ad.


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