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Assessing Performance Across a Portfolio of Coca-Cola Ads

Vice’s creative agency Virtue, conducts large scale content testing for Coca-Cola’s campaign: ‘Where Only Awesome Happens’

The Campaign

Virtue, the creative agency born out of media giant Vice crafts campaigns for some of the most important brands on the planet and Coca-Cola is no exception. 

In collaboration with Vice, Coca-Cola launched its own online content platform: “WOAH”. Created specifically for Millennials, the platform’s content had an international vibe, covering life-style topics to live up to its acronym: WOAH (Where Only Awesome Happens). 

The Brief

Following successful launches in Switzerland and Austria, this campaign was targeting 2 new markets: Poland and Italy (Generation Y and Z). Virtue needed a fast scalable tool to test the performance of a range of asset types: (images, GIFs and video across these two markets.

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The Result

With an overall performance score, it was easy to identify at a glance which assets fell short of “awesome” – with only 6 out of the 45 assets having a Low performance score. 

Most of the content punched well above its weight, with over 60% of videos beating soft drink norms and over 25% beating the Super Bowl benchmark. 

As a result of this project, Virtue continue to use Realeyes to test their digital social content at scale.

“The challenge we solved was how to bring the same level of quantitative robustness to creativity that is currently applied to media placements.”

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